Fri 6/18/2010

Posted: Fri 6/18/2010 12:11 AM.poetdannyqueen: hi doll i just wanna take the time to wish you well and to simply say you got the world in your hand becuz you do what do with pure passion.sista you know i know you got this just do's your for the bless poetdannyqueen peace

Posted: Fri 6/18/2010 12:02 AM.poetdannyqueen: my friend lady doll is such a breath of fresh clean air that take my breath away.she is whirlwind of drive and pure luv engery.she is like a live wire when it comes to her passion which is hosting her very o.w.n tv. talk show,the girl has the gift gab and she know how to ask a qustion in such a way that really make any guess want to just open up and feel free to share. she uses her smile and that big beautiful voice with a special kinda sweetiness that move moslt anybody to there soul. she is a great host who know how to use what comes all natural to her,she's truly a livin' doll.